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IQue developed Omnicast as an enhanced presentation tool that displays a videostream, slides, chat, html pages, dynamic e-commerce, and branding in a single browser. Not only can IQue produce the Omnicast presentation for display via the Internet but also on CD-Rom, DVD, and VHS as well.
IQue's designs incorporate years of experience in the broadcast television market developing systems to manage and distribute video, audio, and data across various networks including cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP and telecom.
IQue designs and manufactures a full line of solutions for streaming video and audio to the web, including encoders, decoders, IP transmitters and receivers, and portable webcasting studios. Television broadcast products include video production studios, television broadcast facilities, and remote production facilities.
IQue maintains multiple Internet broadcast facilities so your video stream gets around the world as easily as it gets around the corner. Whether you are producing a live event, creating your own network, or augmenting your website, you can broadcast around the world for fractions of the cost of conventional broadcasting methods.
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